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Our Water, Your Home, Our Earth - Let's Save it Together

We take a hands-on approach to provide complete client satisfaction.

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ECO-Fresh Cistern Cleaning Ltd. is a new family-owned and operated business. As members of the Vancouver Island community since the 1970's, we are passionate about caring for the environment and our community.  

We are located on an acreage in the mid-island area, and utilize multiple rain harvesting techniques with two above-ground and two below-ground potable water cisterns. As acreage dwellers ourselves, we understand the critical need for clean, safe, potable water cisterns that are maintained regularly for optimal personal health and that of your home systems. 

When do I need to clean my cistern?

Cisterns and holding tanks are storage vessels for water, and are common in our region both for irrigation and household usage.

Recent years have seen drier summers and extra storage has become a necessity and/or mandated in some areas. 

The water you consume is in a constant state of transformation affected by seasonal changes, geology, climate fluctuations, and biological factors. This is particularly true for Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) systems as many are unique in design and functionality. 

A cistern must be cleaned to remove sediment, contaminants and  foreign matter. It is a good idea to clean a cistern:

  • at least once a year to remove sludge and sediment build-up, or more often if the water looks, smells or tastes different.
  • if contaminants such as organic matter (eg., pine needles, pollen, leaves, insects, rodents etc.) and algae bloom get into the cistern.
  • after it is installed and sediment needs to be removed from the bottom of the tank.  

Mission Statement

Our passion is to provide an ecological, sustainable, economical solution to cistern cleaning and preserving our natural water resources.

RDN Rain Harvesting Best Practices Guide Book

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